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What cups should I use?
    Using the correct style of cup will definitely give you a better coffee experience.

Go for cups with a curved inner.  As the coffee pours into the cup and comes into contact with the base, the curvature helps the coffee to release its natural aroma and flavours.

Espresso cup: Standard Italian: 9cl (90ml) 50mm 66mm 120mm

Cappuccino cup: Standard Italian: 25cl (250ml) 55mm 96mm 160mm

Also porcelain cups are better to drink from rather than earthenware, which tend to be thicker. It just feels nicer on your lips.

A great tip is to warm your cups on the top of the X1 machine – that’s what the cup ring is there for - a warm cup makes for a better coffee.
The X1 machine is certainly not designed to take a 'mug sized' cup, the clearance from drip tray to coffee handle is aprox 80mm.