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FrancisFrancis X1 Current Machine Range Differences

3 Aug 2015
There are currently 3 types of FrancisFrancis X1 machines, the GROUND, TRIO and CAPSULE versions.  It can be a little confusing as the three machines look pretty much the same, however there are BIG differences between them in regard to the style of coffee you can use. 

The video illustrates the basic differences between the three machines.

The X1 GROUND machine is, as the name suggests, designed for only using GROUND COFFEE - there are aren't any handles, adapters or modifications to allow it to use either ESE pods or iperEspresso capsules.

The X1 TRIO machine is designed for only using ESE PODS (the little paper covered "pucks" of coffee) - again, this is a fixed system so no handle options to convert to ground coffee or iperespresso. The ESE pods are available in standard roast, dark roast or decaf.

The X1 iperEspresso machine is designed for only using Illy IPERESPRESSO CAPSULES (the little plastic "buckets") - this is also a fixed system with no handles, adapters or modifications. The iperEspresso capsules come in a wide variety of roasts.