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FrancisFrancis Coffee Handles

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FrancisFrancis X1 Ground - Replacement TamperFrancisFrancis X1 Ground - Replacement Tamper
3rd Generation ground coffee machine only.
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FrancisFrancis X1 X6 - Replacement Plastic SpoutsFrancisFrancis X1 3rd generation spouts.
X3 TRIO and X6 TRIO spouts
Ground machine - Replacement Spouts
TRIO ESE POD machine - Replacement Spouts
Discontinued Product
X1 1st Generation ESE POD Portafilter HandleX1 CLASSIC ESE POD Handle for Aluminium Boiler.
1st generation portafilter handle.
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X1 1st Generation Ground Coffee Handle BasketsFrancisFrancis X1 single and double baskets for ground coffee portafilter handle
1st generation coffee machine - Replacement baskets.