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FrancisFrancis Pump Ulka EP5

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Replacement water pump for your FrancisFrancis machine.


Machines that have a plastic outlet use EP5 pumps.

Machines that have a brass outlet used EX5 pumps - your machine may be fitted with a EP4 pump - the EP5 has the exact same dimensions and is compatible - SEE SEPERATE LISTING

Care should be taken when replacing the pump as it can be a challenging task as new pumps generally need priming.
Normally we'd consider this to be a workshop replaceable part.

It is advisable to purchase a new return valve when you replace the pump. We have S2 and S3 valves available, please check your machine to ensure that you order the correct version, click HERE for valves.

To replace pumps you will need to remove the front face, steam knob and top cover and disconnect electrical spade connectors, pipes and fittings. Do not attempt any repair work unless you are competent/qualified. If in doubt EMAIL us about our repair service.

Suitable for all X1 machines and X3, X5, X6 and X7 machines.

Pumps are rated 230 Volts, we are unable to supply 110 Volt pumps.

francisfrancis x1 1st gen francisfrancis x1 2nd gen francisfrancis x1 3rd gen

What you get: 

  • 230V EP5 PUMP (Plastic connector)  or EX5 PUMP (Brass connector).