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FrancisFrancis X1 brew head kit 1st generation

Discontinued Product
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Your machine may be dripping from the group head either when it is heating up and/or after running water through your coffee handle.
The first generation brew head has an o-ring at the base to seat it in to position. The top of the brew head unscrews from the body to reveal a spring and expansion stopper. It is this stopper that is opens with the pressure that the pump provides when you switch your machine to coffee operation. this stopper is similar to a manual valve.
The kit also comes with a new shower filter plate and centre screw. The shower plates can become blocked with hardened coffee (it's like cement) and the only solution is to soak and clean or purchase a fresh item.

Please be aware you need to have the appropriate tools to remove the brew head top from the body which is fixed in the machine's group head.

This is ONLY suitable for X1 1st generation machines with an aluminium boiler.
x1 first gen aluminium boiler not suitable for x1 2nd gen brass boiler not suitable for x1 3rd gen brass boiler


What you get: 

  • Brew head (two part).
  • Expansion spring and stopper.
  • Shower filter plate and centre screw.