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FrancisFrancis X1 Steam Valve

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If your machine is leaking from the knob/tap area then the o-ring on the tap/knob may have perished and/or the threaded connection between the valve and the knob will be wearing. You can try just a new knob or a new valve, but it's more likely that both have worn and are generally better purchased together as a kit.

Click to view the individual steam knob HERE.

This is not suitable for the 1st generation X1 as the tap valve is a different version, although the steam knob is identical.

Do not attempt any repair work unless you are competent/qualified. If in doubt EMAIL us about our repair service.

not suitable for francisfrancis x1 1st gen francisfrancis x1 2nd gen francisfrancis x1 3rd gen

What you get: 

  • Steam knob
  • Steam knob o-ring
  • Steam tap valve body.
  • Spring washer.
  • Seating screw.