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FrancisFrancis X1 X3 Classic - Replacement 'O' Ring

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X1 'O' Ring gasket seal - also for francisfrancis x3 and x5


This o-ring is for the X1 2nd generation machine. They seal the top of the handle to the group head, whether you are utilizing the ground coffee handle (with integral tamper/filter) or ESE pod handle.

The X3 and X5 Classic pod and ground coffee machines both have the identical boiler as the X1 2nd gen so these o-rings fit.

If you are using a pod handle the o-ring fits around the top of the pod.
If you are using your ground coffee handle the o-ring presses into a groove in the lower part of the two part tamper.
You should look at replacing the seal every 2 years.

Suitable for all X1 2nd gen brass boiler machine. Also fits the X3 and X5 machine.

Not suitable for a 1st gen X1 (aluminium boiler) this has different sized o-rings.
Not suitable for the 3rd generation machine, which doesn't use these seals.

not suitable for francisfrancis x1 aluminium boiler francisfrancis x1 2nd gen not suitable for x1 3rd gen brass boiler francisfrancis x3 machine francisfrancis x5 machine

What you get: 

  • O-ring (pack of one o-ring).