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FrancisFrancis X1, X3trio, X6 - Replacement Single Spout

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single push on plastic spout for x1 3RD gen, X3 Trio & x6 trio machine


These replacements spouts are compatible with your X1 GROUND machine but also the TRIO system is supported, so if you have a X1 TRIO (ESE POD) only machine or a X6 TRIO (ESE POD) machine these spouts are for you.
They are a simple push on spout, easy to put on and remove.
Made from black plastic.

Suitable for 3rd gen X1 GROUND and X1 TRIO (brass boiler), X3 Trio and the X6 TRIO ESE POD machine.
Not suitable for a 1st gen X1 (aluminium boiler) this doesn't use spouts they are part of the handle.
Not suitable for a 2nd gen X1 (brass boiler) this uses a metal screw on spout.


 not suitable for francisfrancis x1 1st gen machine not suitable for x1 2nd gen brass boiler francisfrancis x1 3rd gen  francisfrancis x6

What you get: 

  • Single spout.