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illy ESE PODS Standard SEALED 216 PODS

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illy ESE PODS Standard SEALED 216 PODS
  • illy ESE PODS Standard SEALED 216 PODS
  • illy ESE PODS Standard SEALED 216 PODS
  • illy ESE PODS Standard SEALED 216 PODS


18 servings per box / 12 boxes in the case = 216 pods in total.
Individually Wrapped for perfect result, aroma, taste and freshness every time.
Perfect blend for your FrancisFrancis X1 espresso coffee machine (1st, 2nd generation and TRIO), X2 (1st gen), X3, X4, X5 and X6.
A dedicated pod handle is required for the X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 machines. The X6 machine is pod only.

Coffee supplied zero rated VAT (0%)

illy logoilly espresso in a cupilly ESE coffee pod

Secrets of the illy blend:

  • Composed of nine distinct highest-order Arabica coffees spanning four continents, purchased directly from the growers who nurtured them.
  • Perfectly balanced, with a delightfully distinct taste and aroma.
  • Re-calibrated with each harvest to consistently provide the signature illy taste, cup after cup after cup.
  • Expertly blended prior to roasting and cooling.
  • Fresh taste and aroma preserved through pressurized packaging.

Each E.S.E. pod contains a perfectly dosed and tamped measure of the distinctive illy blend, enclosed in environmentally friendly filter paper designed to preserve critical flavor and aromas.  An E.S.E. pod is simply placed inside a compatible machine, and within 30 seconds yields an espresso with the signature illy taste: strong, rich, yet smooth and balanced.