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illy IperEspresso Capsules Mixed Case 126 Capsules

£ 55.00
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illy IperEspresso Capsules Mixed Case 126 Capsules

ILLY iperespresso COFFEE capsules - MIXED

21 servings per tin / 6 tins in the case = 126 capsules in total.

2 x standard roast
2 x dark roast
2 x long (lungo)

Each tin is pressure sealed for perfect result, aroma, taste and freshness every time.
Perfect blend for your FrancisFrancis X7, X7.1 or X1 iperEspresso machine.

Coffee supplied zero rated VAT (0%)

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Secrets of the illy blend: 

  • illy’s exclusive and innovative capsule system that has brought authentic espresso preparation to the home.
  • Iperespresso handles every detail, precisely calibrating temperature, pressure and extraction time.
  • The capsules contain the optimal dose of illy’s legendary nine-bean Arabica blend.
  • New technology that produces genuine, authentic espresso, sumptuous cup after cup.
  • The iperEspresso process produces a velvety, aromatic, rich and balanced espresso, topped by a silky and long-lasting crema.

Innovative, patented sealed coffee capsule creating perfect fresh, full bodied, rich, aromatic results every time. Very quick and easy to use and no mess to clean up - simple.