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X1 X3 Single Spout - For 2nd Gen Ground Handle

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FRANCISFRANCIS X1 - metal screw SINGLE spout for 2ND GENERATION GROUND portafilter handle.

This replacement metal spout has the identical screw thread and fits perfectly to your second generation ground coffee handle - but is a single outlet only (as compared to the original double spout).  Some clients prefer the single outlet.

The original spout can go faulty after many years of service, this is due to the heating up and cooling down process that the portafilter encounters and eventually the spout expands too much and as you tighten the spout up the threads wear and wear until it will no longer remain fixed in place.

Please note if you own a X1 machine, this only replaces the metal screw-on spout from the 2nd generation, it cannot be used in place of the black plastic push-on spouts from the 3rd gen machines (ground, trio or capsule). If you need help confirming which machine you have, please follow the link below.


Also compatible with X3, X4 and X5 machines - they have the identical boiler, group head, pod handle and ground coffee portafilter handle.

Not for use with TRIO pod machines, Classic Aluminium (1st Gen) or 3rd generation ground coffee versions.

Please send an EMAIL if you need any further information.

See also the 2nd generation two part tamper HERE.

not suitable for francisfrancis x1 aluminium boiler francisfrancis x1 2nd gen not suitable for x1 3rd gen brass boiler francisfrancis x3 machine francisfrancis x4 machine francisfrancis x5 machine

What you get: 

  • Metal screw on single spout.