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X1 X3 X5 Baskets - For 2nd/3rd Gen Ground Handle

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X1 X3 X5 Baskets - For 2nd/3rd  Gen Ground Handle
  • X1 X3 X5 Baskets - For 2nd/3rd  Gen Ground Handle
  • X1 X3 X5 Baskets - For 2nd/3rd  Gen Ground Handle

FRANCISFRANCIS - baskets for 2ND/3rd GENERATION GROUND portafilter handle.

The baskets are normally only available as part of the full handle kit. Occasionally we have extra stock from the service department that allows us to offer you the single and double baskets at a much cheaper price than the full kit. These replacement baskets are identical to the original tamper that was supplied with your machine.

The baskets are for the ground coffee handle only and cannot convert a pod handle, TRIO handle or capsule handle.  They fit the 2nd generation X1 Classic and also the X3, X4 and X5 Classic, this is because they have the identical boiler, group head, pod handle and ground coffee handle.

In addition they fit the 3rd generation ground coffee  handle, this is a ground coffee only machine, as they are the identical baskets used in this X1 variant. Other 3rd gen versions - TRIO POD and CAPSULE do not use baskets and cannot be converted to do so.

Please note they do not fit the 1st generation X1 ground portafilter - they are a smaller size, so these baskets would be too large.
Please note they do not fit a pod handle, or a TRIO handle or a capsule handle.


Please send an EMAIL if you need any further information.

not suitable for francisfrancis x1 aluminium boiler francisfrancis x1 2nd gen suitable for x1 3rd gen brass boiler francisfrancis x3 machine francisfrancis x4 machine francisfrancis x5 machine

What you get: 

  • Metal single basket
  • Metal double basket