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FrancisFrancis X1 (1st) Classic - Drip Tray Insert [USED]

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X1 - 1st Generation - Aluminium boiler

FrancisFrancis X1 Classic Spare Parts
Drip Tray Insert.
Very Rare. The last of the last!
No longer manufactured.
Sold from our own engineering service stock.

FrancisFrancis X1 Drip Tray Insert - black plastic.

The tray insert fits inside the 1st generation tray rails, slide out your drawer and drop the tray insert into position.
It's purpose is to catch the water and coffee drips from the brew-head/handle. When it is full, slide open the drawer and take out the tray insert, rinse and clean at the sink and then return to the tray.

Please note that this is not new, it is a used part and will be have scratches, cleaning marks and general wear-and-tear.
Good condition. Clean. Ready to use.

This is not suitable for 2nd or 3rd generation brass boiler machines.

Only suitable for all X1 1st generation aluminium boiler machine.

Not suitable for a 2nd gen X1 (brass boiler) this uses a different drip tray.
Not suitable for the 3rd generation machine (GROUND, TRIO or CAPSULE), which uses a different tray.



ONLY for x1 1st gen aluminium boiler x1 second gen brass boiler - NOT X1 3rd Generation brass boiler - NOT 


What you get: 

  • One 1st generation group head surround (USED)