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FF X1 Stainless Steel

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FF X1 Stainless Steel
  • FF X1 Stainless Steel
  • FF X1 Stainless Steel
  • FF X1 Stainless Steel
  • FF X1 Stainless Steel
FrancisFrancis X1 Ground Espresso Machine

X1 Ground Model

Shiny, polished stainless steel finish.


The GROUND machine is the most popular version in in the UK.

Beautiful, stylish and retro-futuristic looking Espresso Coffee Machine from Italian designer Luca Trazzi. Luca's first espresso coffee machine is widely admired not only for its looks but as a fantastic pump action espresso coffee maker.

This improved X1 model is for Ground coffee only. It makes wonderful espresso and has a steam nozzle to froth milk for all you cappuccino drinkers out there. Other styles of coffee, based on the espresso shot, can also be easily made:- americano, ristretto, latte, mocha etc.


X1 GROUND USES GROUND COFFEE ONLYPlease note that this is a GROUND coffee machine only and will not take CAPSULES or ESE PODs. Also it is not compatible with either the CAPSULE handle or the TRIO POD handle, these handles are not interchangeable.

Price includes delivery to UK mainland.

Please note: Due to warranty issues and the high cost of transport, we are only able to sell machines within the UK.

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